Tea With Warriors

Music for Relaxation and Enlightenment


Welcome to the Tea With Warriors web site! Please explore some of my music using the links on the left, and consider contacting me (John Neumann) for mixing and mastering projects you may have.


The full-length CD's below, as well as some singles, are available from Bandcamp, CD Baby and other digital distributors like iTunes and Amazon.

I am now offering audio mixing and mastering services. Read about it here, and contact me at teawithwarriors@gmail.com for more info.


John (a.k.a. Tea With Warriors)








Here is a nice "white noise" type sound to sleep to (just put it on repeat on your iPod). It's been edited to loop without clicking or pausing, and the frequency spectrum chosen to be especially soothing. It's also in stereo! Played through stereo speakers or decent computer speakers, it sounds much better than most "sound machines" you can buy.




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